Focus and Scope

1. Flight Operation  
Pilot performance
     b) Flight Operation Officer performance
     c) Aerodynamics
     d) delays, aircraf changes and operational limitation
     e) flight deck

2. Airline Industry

      a) Future airline industry
      b) Airline customer satisfaction 
      c) Collaborative

3. Safety & Human Factor
Safety management system
      b) Human fatigue risk management system 
      c) Human factor
      d) Aviation Human resources Management

4. Aviation Business
Logistic management 
       b) Supply chain management 
       c) Airport Business
       d) Airline Business
       e) Regulated Agent Business
       f) Multi mode transportation

5. Aviation Sustainability & Environment
Environment sustainability
       b) Organization sustainability
       c) Noise management 
       d) Carbon offsetting and reduction scheme for internasional aviation (CORSIA)
       e) Aviation meteorology

6. Aviation Rules and Regulation
Air Law
         b) National Aviation Regulation
         c) International Aviation Regulation